Pricing I Dogs at Camp Ottawa

How much does camp cost?  Pricing depends on the length of stay, and whether or not the camp time is over a holiday.

Rates are reduced by 10% for each additional dog from the same household for overnight and day camp. All rates are of course subject to HST, and subject to change without notice.

Overnight Camp 

Length of stay Monday – Thursday Friday / Saturday / Sunday
4 nights or less $45 / night $55 / night
5 – 7 nights $45 / night $45 / night
8 – 14 nights $43 / night $43/ night
15 – 27 nights $41 / night $41 / night
28 nights or more $39 / night $39 / night

These prices reflect a morning pick-up time (11:15-11:45 am). If you choose our end of day pick up time (5:15pm – 5:45pm), there is a day camp charge of $27

If a long weekend falls within your camp booking, please see “Holiday Weekends” below for pricing for the long weekend nights.

Holiday Weekends

If a holiday weekend falls within your camp booking, the rate is $55 per night up to 3 nights of the long weekend.  Outside of the long weekend our regular rates apply.

We have a 3-night minimum stay requirement for Canada Day, Civic Holiday and Labour Day weekends. Any bookings that fall over these weekends or on Canada Day, Civic Holiday Monday or Labour Day Monday will be charged a minimum of $55 per night for 3 nights.

Christmas / New Year

If your booking includes December 25th or January 1st, or any nights in between, the rate is $55 / night  up to 10 nights, and we have a 7 night minimum.  Dogs cannot be dropped off or picked up on December 25th or on January 1st.

We may accept shorter bookings depending on availability.  Shorter bookings will be charged a higher rate, depending on length of agreed upon booking.  Shorter bookings over December 25th will not be accepted until after December 17th.

Day Camp

$33 per day, or purchase a 10 day pack (good for three months) for $270.

On Statutory holidays there is a $5 premium so the daily charge is $38.


Between $25 and $75, depending the type of fur, length of fur, and on how dirty!


$40 for first dog; $20 each additional dog – includes a minimum of 15 pictures of each dog’s time at camp.

A few other pricing notes

  • Frozen food – add $5 / night; Rate is decreased for lengthy stays
  • Veterinarian visit – Local:  $20 + $25 for each hour at clinic; Emergency: $50 + $25 for each hour at clinic (on a Statutory holiday, this rate will increase to $37.50 for each hour at clinic)
  • Food purchase (if we need to buy more food) – $25 (plus the cost of the food)