Kennel Free Boarding I Dogs at Camp Ottawa
What is Kennel Free Boarding?

Dogs at Camp is very different to a traditional boarding kennel.

While here, dogs spend their days playing together.. and their nights sleeping together with other dogs!

Our beautiful, fully renovated barn has been designed with dogs in mind.  We don’t even have kennels!

From 7 am to 7pm, our Campers are free to play in fully fenced fields, supervised at all times by our Camp Counselors. They have all day access to the barn for warm up, cool down, or rest time.  Our dogs hang out  together as one group… big and little, young and old.  We find that well socialized dogs like to be with other dogs of all ages and sizes.

Campers have the opportunity to meet and play with new dogs and learn how to properly socialize and interact with other dogs. This benefits them outside of camp as well as they become more confident, social dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs.

They get to hang out with our amazing staff all day, getting lots of attention, belly rubs and reinforced manners.

Not all day is play play play… there is lots of rest time as well.  And if your dog isn’t much of a player, someone is always close by for belly rubs.

This environment is not for every dog.  Each Camper must pass an assessment for socialization before being accepted to camp, and that – together with a number of other measures we have in place – ensures a positive and safe environment for each and every dog in our care.

At  camp, dogs have time to play, rest, eat, sleep, and… well… to be dogs.

Young pups and seniors alike enjoy time at  camp!