A Typical Day at Dogs at Camp

We’re often asked what dogs do all day at camp.  Now you know!

Dogs get up early, at 7am, and are outside for 45 minutes of outdoor time and playtime. If certain dogs want to go back inside to rest or sleep more, they’re welcome to do so!

Outdoor time is always weather dependent. If it’s very cold, or very hot, there’s indoor playtime to cool off or warm up – but it’s still playtime. Some dogs enjoy more time outdoors than others, and as a result, some staff are often inside playing with certain dogs, while others are outside playing with the outdoor dogs.

Arrivals:  Day campers and some new overnight campers arrive early morning, and there’s a gradual introduction to integrate the new arrivals into the pack.

Breakfast:  Dogs are fed separately, so that there’s no ‘competition’ for food.

Rest time:  Some quiet rest time after eating – to digest, before going back out.

Playtime:  Indoor and out – as each dog prefers, and according to the weather.

Late morning arrivals and departures:  Dogs are brought inside while new dogs are arriving, and some are departing. Those dogs who are departing at this time may have signed up for bathing, in which case this is done just before departure.

Lunch time:  For those dogs who eat lunch.

Playtime (again):  Indoor and out – as each dog prefers, and according to the weather.

New Client Tours:  Client tours are held at 1pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The ‘tourists’ are introduced to some of the pack, their owners meet the staff, and we talk about what camp is like. Questions are answered, and we ensure that the visiting dog is a good fit for our camp setting.

More Playtime:  This goes on through the afternoon, until feeding time. During this time, those dogs who have signed up for any extras, like ‘One-on-One Camp Counsellor Time’, ‘Trail Walks’, and ‘Puzzle Time’, – go for those sessions.

Dinner:  This is done late afternoon, and once again – one dog at a time, as the dogs are fed separately.

Rest time:  Some quiet rest time after eating again – to digest, before going back out.

Even More Playtime:  Back out to play again!

Dog Departures:  Overnight and day campers are either picked up, or are heading home on the Camp Shuttle.

Evening Playtime (last one before bedtime):  Some dogs are tired at this time, and are ‘hanging out’ at this point, while others have a second wind, and are back out there, busily playing.

Bed time (finally)!:  Dogs go into their various rooms or separate areas, and it’s bedtime and lights out. At this point we have a group of happy and tired dogs, who need their sleep. They’ll be at it again the next day!

The owner or staff members are always on the property overnight while the dogs are in bed, and cameras as well as alarm systems are in place.