Small Dogs at Camp

What about smaller dogs and puppies?

We have campers of all breeds and sizes! Puppies can come to camp starting at 4 months old.

Every dog coming to camp needs to pass an assessment, which we do during a Camp Tour. During the assessment, we are watching for a number of behaviours, including their interaction with dogs of different sizes.

We ensure that the mid size and larger dogs know how to interact with smaller dogs. We also ensure that the smaller dogs are comfortable around dogs larger than they are.

Our environment is not like a dog park. That’s because we know each and every dog here, and spend all day, every day, with them.  Staff are also well trained, and are constantly monitoring the interactions between all dogs.  We will not allow a larger dog to intimidate a smaller dog. In other words, contrary to a dog park, camp is a safe and controlled environment.

Finally, we have TWO fenced play parks.  The second park is smaller (though it’s pretty big too), and if there are smaller dogs who are more comfortable away from the mid sized or bigger dogs, staff will separate them and play in the smaller park, with other smaller dogs.