Health Requirements for Campers

To attend Dogs at Camp, we would like all dogs to be:

  • At least 4 months old
  • Spayed or neutered (if 9 months or older)
  • During Summer months: On a Flea/Tick control program
  • Vaccinated for the following: DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella

Dogs at Camp believes that vaccinations are important for the health and safety of our canine friends. Please consult your veterinarian regarding the proper vaccinations for your dog, and be sure that they are kept current.  We understand that for various health reasons, some veterinarians will advise that your dog gets different vaccinations to what we suggest above.

Proof of vaccinations is not required. It is up to each dog owner to ensure that his/her dog is vaccinated, and healthy enough to be at camp.

Why don’t we require proof of vaccinations?

There are differing professional veterinary opinions on which vaccinations dogs should be given, as well as how often.  A dog who is not vaccinated against any particular ailment does not put any other dog at risk.  It is only the dog who is not vaccinated who could be at risk.  For that reason, it is each client’s responsibility to ensure that his/her dog is healthy enough to be at camp.