How much does camp cost?  Pricing depends on the length of stay, and whether or not the camp time is over a holiday (see holiday pricing below).

Rates are reduced by 10% for each additional dog from the same household for overnight and day camp. All rates are of course subject to HST.

Overnight Camp

Length of stay
Monday – Thursday
Friday / Saturday / Sunday
1 – 7 nights $50 / night $60 / night
8 – 14 nights $48 / night $48 / night
15 – 27 nights $45 / night $45 / night
28 – 40 $43 / night $43 / night
Over 40 nights Contact us for quote

These prices reflect a 24 hour period. If you choose our end of day pick up time (5:15pm – 5:45pm), there is a day camp charge of $32.

Please see Long Weekend and other Special rates below.

Long Weekends

If your booking is on a holiday long weekend, we have a 3 night minimum charge requirement at a rate of $70 / night.

If your booking is longer than 3 nights and includes any of the nights of a holiday long weekend, we charge a $20 per night premium ($60 total) to your booking.

Day Camp (without shuttle, price per dog)

$35 per day, or:

Purchase a 10 day pack:  $320 ($32 / day).
(must be used within 90 days of the date of purchase)

Purchase a 20 day pack:  $600 ($30 / day).
(must be used within 90 days of the date of purchase):

Please note that day camp is not available during the Christmas / New Year period, or during March Break.

Day Camp With Shuttle to and From Durham Region (price per dog)

Purchase a day camp shuttle package (Durham Region)
Price includes camp for the day, including the shuttle both ways.

20 days:  $760 ($38/ day)
10 days:  $400 ($40 / day)


10 day packages must be used within 40 days of the date of purchase.
80 days if purchasing our Ajax shuttle package.

20 day packages must be used within 75 days of the date of purchase.
150 days if purchasing our Ajax shuttle package.

Day Camp including shuttle – without a package:  $45, including pick up, drop off.

Overnight Camp Shuttle Service (Price per dog, each way)

$20 discount if shuttle is used both ways.

To or From Toronto

East of Keele, North of Eglinton:  $90
East of Keele, South of Eglinton:  $100
West of Keele, North of Eglinton:  $110
West of Keele, South of Eglinton:  $120

To or From Durham

Shuttle to camp from Whitby Go Station: $50
Shuttle to camp from Brooklin Town Centre: $40
Shuttle back home to Durham – North of Rossland Road:  $40
Shuttle back home to Durham – South of Rossland Road:  $50

Click for day and overnight camp shuttle details.

Christmas / New Year

If your booking includes December 25th, January 1st, or any of the nights in between, the rate is $60 / night for all nights of a booking, and we have a 10 night minimum charge.  Also, dogs cannot be dropped off or picked up on December 25th or on January 1st.

March Break

March 12th to 22nd, 2020.  During the March Break we have a 7 night minimum charge, and a rate of $60 per night.  This rate applies to the first 7 nights, if your booking includes any of the days of March Break.  The remaining nights will be charged at our normal rates, listed above.


Between $25 and $75, depending the weight of your dog, and the type and length of fur.

Trails Walks

Treat your dog to a one hour pack walk through our beautiful trails, with no more than two other dogs. Trails lead to our fresh water swimming pond, for those dogs who enjoy a swim! Walks can be on or off leash – whichever you prefer.

1 Trail Walk:  $20
2 Trail Walks:  $36 ($18 each)
3 Trail Walks:  $48 ($16 each)

More than 3 walks are at the same rate of $16 each.

Click for more information on Trail Walks and Swimming.

Videos by Text

We will send two video clips of your dog per day (15 to 30 seconds each) by text message, right to your cell phone!  Cost: $5 per day.


$75 for the first dog; $50 each additional dog.  Take home a selection of great memories of your dog’s time at camp!  This package includes pictures of your dog’s camp experience, as well as at least two professional portrait photographs. Click for photo samples!


A few other pricing notes

  • Veterinarian visit – Local:  $40; Emergency: $75
  • Food purchase (if we need to buy more food):  $25 (plus the cost of the food)
  • Frozen / Raw food:  Add $5 / night
  • Bedding (we prefer that you provide your own bedding to avoid this cost):  $8 per week
  • Food additives, if needed:  Add $1 per meal.  At times we find it helpful to add something tasty to motivate dogs to eat their meals.  Examples:  Tuna, sardines, gravy for dogs. We are very mindful of any food allergies as advised by our clients, and will only add any of the above if there is no allergy.