How do we compare?

You want the very best for your dog, and we understand, because we do too.

Will your dog spend her day in just one field? Not here, and that’s what makes us different to other dog kennels and camps.

When you’re looking for the right spot for your dog, it’s natural to compare (and we encourage you to do so)! While comparing, consider the activities that each facility offers for your dog. Do they offer walking and hiking trails? Swimming? Is there lots of indoor play space too?

Not all dog boarding kennels are alike. Compare us to the others:



Dogs At Camp


Top Competitors


First Dog Camp in Ontario (Since 2002) Bone
Kennel Free Dog Boarding Bone Bone
Camp Property Located in the GTA Bone
Property Size 100 Acres+ Bone
TWO Toronto Drop-off Locations with Shuttle Service to Camp Bone
Closed Circuit Video & Audio Monitoring System Bone
Outdoor Enclosed Play Area 2 Acres Between 1/4 and 1 Acre
Indoor Play Area 1500 Sq Ft. Between 500 and 800 Sq Ft.
Staff Certified in Pet First Aid Bone Some
On Site Hiking Trails Bone
On Site Swimming Pond Bone
Central Air Conditioning Bone
Radiant In-Floor Heating Bone
Indoor Air Filtration System Bone
Filtered Drinking Water Bone
Licensed & Limited # Of Dogs Bone Some