Meet Our Team

Our camp counsellors are all dog owners and dog lovers too.  They are thoroughly trained to ensure that every dog at camp is enjoying his / her camp time. And each dog is always given personal love and attention.

Get to know just some of our team of dog care professionals below.  We all look forward to meeting you in person!


Camp Founder and Director

Glen Kowarsky opened Dogs at camp way back in 2002!  At the time, he had adopted  his beloved Abby, who was a black lab mix.  Abby had some challenging health issues, and as a result, Glen was moved to create a place for and about dogs like Abby – and for their owners.  The result was Dogs at Camp – the first camp for Dogs in Ontario!
Glen wrote an article about ‘what goes on behind the scenes’ at Dogs at Camp, and how they care for all of their campers, which was published in Toronto’s ‘Dogs Dogs Dogs’ newspaper. If you’d like to read that article – click here.
Glen continues to ensure that the entire camp team works together to provide a positive and safe place for dogs, as well as an outstanding experience for their owners.

Camp Manager

Having been around dogs my entire life, I am very much at home in the midst of a pack of dogs. I spent 10 years in dog rescue trying to help vulnerable dogs locally and internationally. I will never fully stop rescuing but it is both emotionally and financially draining. Rescuing is easy compared to giving them away when I have found a great home for them. That is probably why all my dogs were originally my rescues and are now my family. When not at Camp, I am an Adoption Coordinator with Basset Hound Rescue Ontario. I am so proud to be part of the Dogs at Camp team. We are all dog owners and their welfare and ensuring they have fun during their stay with us is paramount.


Camp Supervisor

Melissa began volunteering at camp in 2002, started working the following year, and more recently became a camp supervisor. She’s been hooked since day one, and can’t imagine working anyplace else! Melissa says her favorite thing about working at camp is spending the day with the dogs, but more specifically forming bonds with them, getting to know their quirks, and watching less confident dogs become more comfortable.
Melissa adopted her first dog, Logan (a Border Collie/Beagle mix) in 2004 after he was found as a stray; however he sadly passed away in 2013. Currently shares her home with two former barn cats, Connundrum and Mystery, and her dog Petey, a Jack Russell/ Beagle mix who was rescued before entering a high kill shelter in Kentucky. In her spare time Melissa enjoys spending time with her pets, hiking, and doing photography. She is also a strong believer in adoption and has fostered two dogs in the past, both of whom were successfully adopted!


Camp Supervisor

Karen has worked at Dogs at Camp for over 10 years and it is the true love & compassion of animals ( especially dogs) that has kept her working here. She feels rewarded everyday with unconditional love from the dogs, and feels that the most rewarding part of working at Dogs at Camp is experiencing the moment of excitement when clients and staff get to see for themselves how happy the dogs are to just be free to play and be accepted for who they are.
After camp time, there is also nothing more rewarding than the reunion of pets with their families, their dogs faces are just bursting with all of their exciting stories from camp. It was her love of animals that motivated her to make the decision to change careers and leave the hospitality industry .She went back to school and completed her Animal Care Diploma at Sheridan College in 2007 and graduated with honors . When not at camp she is either working part time as a Veterinary Assistant at the Oshawa Animal Hospital, or spending as much time as possible with her beloved dog Mase (her Australian Shepherd, adopted from Sheridan college) and her Cockateil Casey.


Camp Supervisor

A lifetime dog owner and lover, Amanda is the newest member to our Dogs at Camp team. Amanda’s favourite thing about camp is bonding with the dogs, and capturing camp fun on camera! Amanda enjoys spending time with her very loveable Golden Doodle, Paisley; going for walks, trips to the dog park and hikes around the local Conservation Areas. She one day hopes to earn a certificate in Animal Care and remain in the field.


Camp Counselor

Diane has been working at camp for nearly 9 years. She’s lived in the country most of her life and has always had dogs, cats and horses. Simply, she loves animals! Diane says she really enjoys working at camp, and that she has learned so much more about dogs from her co-workers and the camp dogs themselves.
Recently, Diane adopted a senior rescue dog after losing her Jack Russel Terrier of 16 years. She’s great company for her other adopted dog, which was acquired from a camp client who could no longer keep her. In total Diane has 2 dogs, 2 horses, a cat (another rescue), and a parrot.


Camp Counselor

Jessica has always had a love for animals, and knew she was meant to work with them from a young age. She began volunteering at camp in 2008 and began working shortly after. It could be said that she somewhat grew up in the business! In her spare time Jess enjoys playing soccer and teaching her dog Maddi new tricks.
Jess says her favorite thing about working at camp is caring for dogs off all breeds and personalities. Currently she resides in Uxbridge with Maddi, and her cat Jake, and is working towards furthering her education in animal care.