Overnight Camp

Overnight camp is safe, and lots of fun!

Dogs at Camp is very different to a traditional dog boarding kennel.

How so?

Here at camp, we have a beautiful new, very roomy country barn, with lots of indoor play space, and big cushy rooms for nighttime comfy sleeping.  The indoor playroom leads out to a huge fenced (two acre!) outdoor park. The building is fully climate controlled with central air conditioning, radiant in-floor heating, an air filtration and circulation system, a closed circuit audio and video monitoring system, and filtered drinking water. Our Camp Counselors get to know every dog’s name, personality, and special needs, and each and every dog is given personal affection and attention.  Also, the owner of the camp lives on the property, and the property is never left unattended.

Some of our clients’ dogs sleep in crates or kennels at home, and they often prefer that we continue that routine here at camp.  Otherwise, most dogs are used to sleeping on their beds (or their owner’s beds!), and those dogs bunk in a room here, together with a small group of their friends. They all get comfy pet pillows and blankets. Yes, dog camp life is good!

We have an overnight camp shuttle from Toronto and Durham Region.  Click for details!

Overnight campers can come for just a night, a weekend, or for weeks at a time!

Interested in day camp?  Click for info!