Camp Requirements I Dogs at Camp Ottawa
Will My Dog Fit In?

Is my dog suitable for camp?

Is your dog friendly and comfortable with other dogs and people?  If the answer is yes, she will most likely love to be one of our campers!

Dogs who do best in our environment are those that are used to meeting new dogs regularly and enjoy the company of other dogs and people. Dogs who go to daycares or dog parks love camp!

Many personalities love camp and we’ve had great success in building the confidence of shy dogs. From puppies to seniors, camp is enjoyable for everyone.  Puppies and adult dogs love the play and activities as do some more active seniors. Other seniors enjoy the freedom to hang out, sunbathe, get belly rubs from Camp Counsellors, and nap whenever they want. Camp has something for everyone!

Our campers must be socialized already.  We need to know that your dog is comfortable around other dogs.  We can help socialize shy dogs who retreat and are submissive. We are not able to socialize dogs who have aggressive behaviours. If you do not know if your dog is social with other dogs, please visit a dog park, greet dogs on your walks, or contact a trainer, to see your dog’s reaction before contacting us.

If your dog has special needs that you’d like to discuss with us, please give us a call and we’d be happy to do so.

All campers must be spayed/neutered if older than 9 months. We also want to ensure that your dog meets certain basic health requirements, so…

Please click here to review our vaccination and health requirements.

If you aren’t sure about your dog’s fit for camp, please give us a call and we’re happy to discuss it with you. All dogs must come for a Meet and Greet to tour the camp first, and to meet the current campers. This is done prior to their first stay with us so we can do our best to ensure that they will enjoy their time here.

To book a Meet and Greet, please complete a Tour Request.