What Our Clients are Saying I Dogs at Camp Ottawa
What Our Clients are Saying

We love what we do, and we’re glad it shows! Here are just a few examples of the feedback that we routinely receive from our clients.

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We were referred to Dogs at Camp by friends of ours, but still nervous as it was the first time leaving him. He is a very anxious dog with separation anxiety. I received feedback from the staff keeping me posted on Harley’s adventures. Also was able to see his pictures on facebook. Was very comforting and allowed us to enjoy our vacation. Will definitely go back. Thanks to all the staff for taking care of Harley!

Angela D.T.

(Canela and Zoey spent 6 weeks at Camp and they wrote to say Thank You.)  We wanted to say thank you so much for having us for so long.  Mum says we look great — not too fat, not too skinny, our fur is shiny, and our eyes are bright (which, as you know, is a bigger deal for me, Canela, than most).  You guys looked after us really, really well.  Thanks for making sure we had a place to go when we needed some time by ourselves, and thanks for all the snuggles and special attention.  We feel like we are part of your family!  It’s great to have made so many human and doggy friends.  Mum was really happy to see us running back to you guys for hugs when she came to pick us up — we were showing her how much we love you!

Canela and Zoey (and mom Jennifer)

Dogs at Camp is exceptional. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence and safety is unparalleled. Levi LOVES this place and it gives us great peace of mind to know that he is always well cared for.

Cindy H.

Thanks for taking such good care of Chloe!!!! She is a very active girl and hasn’t been this tired since she was a puppy!!!!!! Many other “kennels” offer cheaper prices but keep the dogs in crates all day and charge for each walk…. that is NOT fun for a dog. DAC is worth the price!!!! We’ll be back!

Melissa H.